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Study FAQ

What is supervised study?

We provide an area where students can come to study in a comfortable environment. While study is in session, there is complete silence to allow for students to get all necessary work done. There is also breaks, which allow for students to socialise.

Where is it on?

In the Ormonde Hotel Kilkenny.

Who can attend?

Any student who wants to study, from 1st to 6th year.

Can I join after the term has started?

You can join at any time. Weekday study must be booked. Weekend study is walk in and pay as you go.

What are the choices for study?

Weekday and weekend. Weekday study runs Monday to Thursday from 7pm to 9:10pm. Weekend study runs on Saturdays. This is split into a morning session, which runs from 10am to 1pm, and an evening session, which runs from 2pm to 5:30pm.

What times do study operate during the week? How long is the break?

Weekday study runs from 7pm until 9:10pm. There is a break at 8pm for 10 minutes.

What is weekend study?

We run supervised study on Saturday, which you don’t need to book in for. It is pay as you go. Saturday study is broken up into two sessions. The morning session runs from 10am – 1pm, while the evening session runs from 2pm – 5:30pm. Each session costs €5. The exact times, including breaks, are:


Morning Session Evening Session
10am – 11am 2pm – 3pm
10 minute break 15 minute break
11:10am – 12:00pm 3:15pm-4:15pm
10 minute break 15 minute break
12:10pm-1pm 4:30pm-5:30pm


Is there study on Sunday?

Sunday study starts after Christmas up to the Junior and Leaving Cert. Keep an eye on the Revise.ie website and social media for updates on Sunday study.

Can I enter study at any time I want?

We ask that people only enter and leave study during break times, as to not disturb students who are currently in study.

Can I use my phone in study?

Yes but we have very clear rules that must be followed by all students. These rules will be outlined to each student in study.

  • If you are using your phone for school work it MUST be flat on the table.
  • If not using your phone, put it into your pocket.
  • If we are in any doubt we will take the phone for the session – NO ARGUMENTS.

Can I use a computer or ipad?

Yes, again for any schoolwork.

Is there wifi free?

Yes. Just log into Ormonde guest wifi.

Is there study at the end of year for exams?

Yes. We will have study continuing all through the State exams.