Revise’s Covid – 19 story

Strange times required radical solutions.

On Thursday 12th March, the government announced the closure of all schools from that Friday until the 29th of March.

At WE decided to act instead of waiting. Over that first weekend we set up from scratch the technical structure required to provide online live and interactive classes. We decided that this was the time to do something to offer support to all students throughout the island. The decision was made to provide everything for free. 

The numbers quickly took off. 90 students attended on that first Monday. By the end of week 2 it was 2.500 thousand. By week 4 over 10.000 students were ‘consuming’ 60,000 classes in live or recorded format. Numbers ended up peaking at 20,000 students. All 20 teachers who were delivering the 200 weekly classes for students of every age were working for no fee. By the end of week 2 were the biggest customer Zoho had on their ’ShowTime’ platform worldwide.

They marvelled at the Irish company who was connecting with thousands of students in such a short period of time. They certainly rose to the challenge also. The heavy traffic on all severs worldwide due to the explosion in home working and learning left servers creaking at the seams. They provided a team of engineers to support the crazy Irish. They also scrambled to provide more server space to the extent that they hired in a dedicated server for Revise’ie’s exclusive use. Then in the spirit of how everyone was working on this project they waived all fees for the considerable work and effort that they had provided. It was a small example of what can happen when a small and diverse group of people come together in strange circumstances.

When the Leaving Cert was postponed until august everyone committed to continue. And then with the announcement that the exams were cancelled, just as quick as it started, it was over!