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Revise.ie - online grinds and revision for Irish students

Revise.ie offer online grinds and revision courses for Irish students of all ages and ability. Revise.ie was set up by Carl Lynch, a maths teacher Kilkenny. We are a business which has been developing over the past 15 years. The grind school started as a small local venture in Kilkenny to meet the needs for advanced tutoring of students wanting to improve their grades and have a distraction free study environment.

Since then, the business has grown over the years adding numerous subjects to the timetable. All teachers at Revise.ie are handpicked and have many years of experience in their chosen subjects, with a passion for educating students to the best of their ability.

How do online classes work?

Bringing education online was part of the evolution of Revise.ie and was something that we began in January 2020.

When school and education was disrupted due to COVID-19 it was a case of having to hit the ground running… quickly! Schools closed suddenly on Thursday 12th of March and through complete dedication and hard work, we had classes up and running by Monday.

We use Zoho Showtime as the platform for our classes. Zoho Showtime uses excellent technology to deliver live and interactive classes. You can download the app onto your device in either iOS or Android.

Classes are typically an hour in length and live and interactive. Of course, questions can be asked during the class to make sure students are learning at their own pace and understanding the topics.

For more information on the classes and how they are run, you can take a look at our FAQs page.

Have you done this before?

From March, students across the country were able to access to a wide range of live online classes on Revise.ie. So far, over 20,000 students have availed of 100’s of online classes during this period. We initially offered classes free of charge due to the sudden onset of the global pandemic. The teachers got great satisfaction from the fabulous feedback from their students. Our teachers are some of the most experienced educators in the country and are equally enjoying the challenge of working in this new medium.

Is there a set time for online classes?

Revise.ie now has an extensive timetable of grinds, which are available to book online. As we know, delivering any type of content live is a technically difficult undertaking. We take the extra precaution to record nearly all our classes while they are being broadcast online. The recordings of classes will be available on-demand to students also and will remain available right up to exam time. Each teacher prepares excellent notes to accompany online classes and these are available to download from Zoho Showtime when students are in attendance.

Does online school cost more?

The cost of paying for grinds can be expensive, especially if you have several children looking to get their best results in exams. In-person grinds can cost anything from €30 to €100 and some households have an annual bill for grinds and revision courses between €2,000-€4,000.

This is where Revise.ie can save you money. Using technology and economies of scale we can offer online classes significantly cheaper than the traditional in-person format. Our online grinds classes cost €15 per classes except for leaving cert higher maths, which has two classes a week at €22.50 for both.

What is the advantage of online education?

Are online classes easier?

Students each have slightly different ways of learning. Some may prefer to pour over a textbook, others like to have it explained to them and some need to get into the weeds and learn by doing. All these methods can be supported by an online grinds class

What makes Revise.ie so good is the quality of the teachers. This is led by Carl himself, who has been a teacher for 28 years. Carl has taught higher level maths in each of those years and typically, over 60% of his class will get a H1 or H2.

Revise.ie has a simple philosophy, if students are willing to work hard, we are willing to do as much as we possibly can to help you get the results they want. This philosophy is simple but effective and is now something that everyone within Revise.ie work towards.

What are disadvantages of online education?

In truth, the disadvantages of online grinds are the same as the traditional in-person format – poor course work, which can lead to disconnected learning and a bad experience for student and parent.

Regardless of the medium, the quality of teacher is what will determine the success of the revision course – online or offline.

The teachers that work with Revise know the process. They have been hand-picked by Carl for their reputation in their area. To keep standards high, each teacher must go through a process of receiving feedback from students and this has had a positive effect on their teaching and students results. The teachers are very experienced. They know their material but even more important they know how to impart their knowledge to their students. This is a skill that brings the Revise.ie team to a different level. At Revise.ie we know we are only as good as our last class, so we make every class the best one possible.

Why do students choose online classes?

Revise has a huge range of products that Carl and his team of teachers have developed over the years. Starting with the traditional one to one to then moving to teaching in small groups. Pre-Covid, the offering from Revise included grinds, evening and weekend study and Revision courses at both Christmas and Easter.

Is online studying better than a classroom?

Studying online, taking revision courses or grinds classes online is just another way of preparing for your exams. There are certainly lots of advantages to an online revision course, which we outlined above.

One way the Revise.ie service may be better than the in-person format is online is less intrusive in the rest of the family’s lives. For example, there is no lift needed from Dad or Mum, single car families do not need to plan their movements around grinds and siblings will not be dragged away to drop or collect someone from their grinds class.

We know we do a great job because at the end of every course we ask students for anonymous feedback with one vital question at the end – ‘would you recommend the Revise.ie course to your friend?’ and we are very, very proud of the fact that 100% of our students say ‘YES’.

Will online education replace the classroom?

Online education and grinds ARE the classroom, they are not replacing anything. It is just a new way of operating. The global pandemic has shown us that remote work is not only possible but beneficial in some cases. The same applies to online revision courses. It is another way of learning. It is up to each student and family to decide if it is more efficient, cost effective and a more practical way of revising for exams.

Do you offer revision for primary school children?

The short answer is ‘yes’.

Maths and Irish grinds will be available for primary school 5th and 6th class students. This is a course given by Jack McGrath who is a young teacher who used Revise.ie as a student. In the last 5 years Jack set up the ‘Maths & Irish Prep Course’. The course is designed to give students a head-start when going into secondary school.

It has been a huge success with students from all the local national schools availing of this service. The course is suited for any student in 5th or 6th class. By focusing on the core topics in 1st year, it can provide a good foundation for students who might be struggling and further the learning of students who love mathematics and Irish.

What is the most popular grinds subject?

The subject that students need help with most is obviously Maths, and Higher-level maths. We are going to have two levels of leaving cert revision for higher maths that we have called fast paced and slower paced.

We have used these methods during our Easter courses in 2020 and it was hugely popular.

Slower paced maths class is aimed at students who are looking to achieve the minimum of a pass grade at higher level leaving cert maths. It will be at a slightly slower pace than (as the name suggests) the fast-paced class and will concentrate on all fundamentals of the course.

The class will practice methods of answering questions that will ensure maximum attempt marks even if a tiny calculation error occurs in the process. Students will know how to answer the most asked questions that have arisen in last papers and will be familiarised with what topics award the most marks. These classes will not dwell on the toughest questions that may or may not come up but instead will concentrate on the manageable questions that you need to know to get you over the line.

The fast-paced Maths class naturally moves through the curriculum quicker.

We believe offering both leaving cert preparation courses will make our services more accessible to a wider variety of students.

Do you offer Junior Cert revision courses?

Yes. In fact, we do not just cater for the exam years. If students want to revise at any stage, we have a service for them.

Here is a sample of our programme below.

2nd year students having access to grinds for English and Maths.

We are going to take the concepts that you missed out on at the start of 1st year and build them back to the level that you should be at. We are then going to press on into the course to give confidence in approaching the concepts that you are going to need.

3rd year students have access to Maths and English.

We have taken the core subjects in the junior cert and are going to concentrate on them for the moment. We can and will have more subject as required. The idea here is easy, we presume that you know nothing, and we are going to go through the whole course from start to finish. At the end of the year you will be as prepared as you can be for the exam. You will be shown what you need to learn and given tips on how to learn the material.

5th year students have access to Maths for lower and higher level, Applied Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.

Coming into 5th year can be a very difficult process. You have either done the big jump straight form 3rd year or you have had a year off and done 4th year. To re-engage with the learning process is very difficult but we are going to be there to help. We will take each of the subjects and we will take core topics that you will need for the leaving cert and go through in detail.

6th year students have access to Higher Level Maths at either a fast pace or a slower pace and Applied Maths.

These subjects are delivered on 2 days of the week to cover the required content. Other subjects available include Maths lower level, Irish, English, English lower level, Biology, Accounting, Economics, PE, Home Economics, German, French, Spanish, Geography, History, Technology and Music.

Revise.ie – In summary

The thinking here is easy. We know you are anxious, and we know you need help. We are going to take you through the whole course from the very start to the very end. We will show you what you need to know. We will give you all the tip, tricks, and advice that you need to reach your full potential.

The system we use is called Zoho Showtime, and we have found it to be an excellent system. It has many feature on it but the stand-out one for us is the easy in which students can ask questions. This ability means that you can get a question sent in seconds and answered by the teacher on the spot. If you miss a live class, the class is recorded, and it will be sent straight to your email. These recordings will be stored for you and will be available until the end of the year. As you are viewing the class and you have a question you can email the teacher directly and they will reply directly.

Revise.ie is here to help. We will provide you with the highest standard of education. We are 100% confident that we are offering some of the best teachers for the subjects we cover, and therefore we are so confident in the quality of our products. The last thing we are sure of is that we are tremendous value for money. We have made a very conscious decision to keep our prices as competitive as possible. We really want to help as many students as possible to reach their full potential.

Ekker Logo

Introduction to EKKER

In connection with Revise.ie we began an app development process. The purpose of developing the app was to maximise quality study time.

  • ekKer is a traditional slang term to refer to scholastic activity (maybe ask your parents :)). It has its origins in the word exercise, meaning study, revision, or homework, which is shortened with an ‘er’ added at the end. The word describes a scholastic activity to develop or hone academic skills.
  • ekKer places you firmly at the centre of your learning; working smart to achieve your best possible performance.
  • The ekKer team, using years of educational experience, have delivered an e-learning technology to transform how we learn.
  • ekKer’s real strength lies in the data that it analyses. It offers each user the ability to make informed decisions around their study, based on real data, to ensure their best possible performance.
  • ekKer – join the revolution of data-driven study performance.

Christmas Revision Course

Current government guidelines permit that The Christmas Revision Course can take place at The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel.
In the event that these guidelines change, where it is not possible for the course to take place in The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel,
The course will then be delivered through our online platform.

To Book Call: 086 065 9817