National School Prep Course


This is a 10 week course for 5th & 6th class students exploring various chapters of mathematics covered in first year, from algebra, sets, trigonometry and many more, giving you the head start you need! They will also be revising difficult areas of the Primary curriculum along with practicing entrance exam I.Q. tests. Students will have peace of mind knowing they have one less thing to worry about when attending their new school.

 Weeks: (2nd Block) (Mondays starting on the 18th of January – 12th of April) **could change due to holidays

  1. Co-Ordinate Geometry – Labelling Points/Axis & Axial Symmetry
  2. Co-Ordinate Geometry – Axial & Central Symmetry
  3. Co-Ordinate Geometry – Central Symmetry & Translation
  4. Polygons – Introduction to Polygons and Triangles
  5. Polygons – 3 rules within Triangles
  6. Polygons – Quadrilaterals & Pythagoras Theorem
  7. Probability – Introduction to Probability & Tree Diagrams
  8. Probability – And/ Or
  9. Probability – Probability in Sets
  10. Revision & Question Sheet covering all chapters


At the end of each lesson, students can print off a revision sheet on what they learned in the lesson which includes questions that are optional.


This fun and entertaining course will focus on developing the students’ self-confidence by focusing on the key areas of oral language, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and grammar through a range of games and activities. By developing an appreciation for the language the students will come to an understanding far quicker and making their start to secondary school easier.

 Weeks: (2nd Block) (Thursdays starting on the 21st of January – 15th of April) **Could change due to holidays

  1. Oral language & Grammar
  2. Reading Comprehension & Creative Writing
  3. Listening Comprehension & Oral language
  4. Grammar & Reading Comprehension
  5. Creative Writing & Listening Comprehension
  6. Oral language & Grammar
  7. Reading Comprehension & Creative writing
  8. Listening Comprehension & Oral Language
  9. Grammar & Reading Comprehension
  10. Creative Writing & Listening Comprehension


After each lesson, students will have easily understood notes which will be very helpful for beginning secondary school.

Maths & Irish

National School Prep Course
  • Maths
  • Irish

What does each student need?

  • A New copybook/hardback copy
  • A pen/pencil
  • Ruler
  • Irish/ English Dictionary

"If you leave a question blank it's 100% wrong, but if you at least make an attempt and show you've tried, there is more of a chance that you could get it right." This is the positivity we need our children to hear, we may not all be maths geniuses, but to try and work out a question, showing the effort has been made is paramount.”