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Grinds FAQ – Kilkenny

Grinds FAQ – Kilkenny

Where are the grinds on?

It is in the Ormonde Hotel Kilkenny

What subjects do you offer?

We currently have 3rd year Maths, 5th  year Higher Level maths and Applied Maths and 6th year Higher Level maths and Applied Maths. Following from COVID we hope to increase the subjects that we can offer once again. We can and will organise grinds in other subjects if there is demand, so if there are any other subjects you would like to see please contact Caoilte on 0860659817.

Can I join after the term has started?

You can join anytime you want. To sign up just contact Caoilte on 0860659817.

What time are grinds on?

All timetables are available on our website www.revise.ie.

Why are there two grinds a week for year higher level maths and applied maths?

We do the course in great detail and we know from experience this is the time that is required to get through the course.

Is homework given?

Yes there is homework given each week that should take no more than 40 minutes.

Do students complete tests?

Yes we give short tests so that students can see where they are at.

Can a parent contact the teacher for feedback?

Yes, anytime you want just contact Caoilte on 0860659817 if you have any concerns.

What do I do if I miss classes?

All classes are streamed online and also recorded. So if you can not make it in person you can join through the live stream or else watch the recording of the class when it suits you.

Can you ask questions?

Of course! We encourage students to ask questions. You can ask before, during or after class.

Do I have to be doing applied maths in school in order to do the grinds?

No, most of our applied maths students do it as an extra subject outside of school to great success.