End of year Study

All day study,

everyday starting Monday the 22nd of May.

End of year study takes place between the end of the school term and the beginning of the exams.
Leaving & Junior Cert students can join us during this time to help maximise their preparation for exams.
Study takes place in a supervised environment to minimise distraction as much as possible. A study break is allowed every hour, which allows students to interact with fellow students, giving them a renewed sense of energy once study begins again. Free wifi is available for students to avail of when using online formats as part of their study routine, however, any use of social media or non-school work is not allowed during study time. 
Supervised study has always been highly recommended by past students and we are delighted to be able to provide this facility again this year for all students.
Monday – Thursday (3 Sessions)
10am – 1pm 2pm -5.30pm7pm – 9.10pm
(Walk – in €5 per session)
**If you do both morning and afternoon study, evening study will be free
Friday – Sunday (2 Sessions)
10am – 1pm2pm – 5.30pm
Walk – in €5 per session