Christmas Revision Course

Christmas revision is Online Only

Monday the 27th – Thursday 30th of December
Each subject is 70 mins in duration and takes place each day at the scheduled time.

Students need to be vaccinated to attend.

Current government guidelines permit that The Christmas Revision Course can take place at The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel. In the event that these guidelines change, where it is not possible for the course to take place in The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel, The course will then be delivered through our online platform.

Booking will be available from the 1st of November.

To Book please call
086 065 9817

Ormonde Study Centre, Ormonde Street, Kilkenny.

Time Junior Cert Leaving Cert Leaving Cert Leaving Cert
9.00am to 10.10am
10.25am to 11.35am
Home Economics
11.50am to 1.00pm
Maths A
2.00pm to 3.10pm
3.20pm to 4.30pm
Maths (LCO)
4.40pm to 5.50pm
Maths B

Price List

Christmas Revision (4 Days - 27th to the 30th of December)
  • 2 Subjects & Study (9am - 6pm): €230
  • 3 Subjects & Study (9am - 6pm): €280
  • 4 Subjects & Study (9am - 6pm): €330
  • 5 Subjects & Study (9am - 6pm): €380
  • 6 Subjects: €400

Junior Cert Christmas Revision Topics

Appreciating Language – Junior Cycle Poetry Revision

Reading to be Informed – Analysing Texts in Various Genres

Appreciating Audience and Register – Unseen Non-Fiction Prose

Showing Critical Appreciation – Drama and Media

Physical Geography

Plate tectonics –the formation and global distribution of volcanoes, earthquakes, and fold mountains in the context of plate tectonics and structure of the Earth. Economic and social impacts of how we  interact with the occurrence of volcanoes, earthquakes, and fold mountains. How people respond to a natural disaster.

Rock formation – distinguish between different categories of rock type, referring to composition and formation. Evaluation of the environmental, economic, and social consequences of rock exploitation and energy resources. 

Weathering & mass movement –analyse the processes and effects of weathering and mass movement on our landscape. 

Work of rivers – explain how the processes of erosion, deposition and transportation shape our fluvial landscapes and examples of how people interact with and manage surface processes 

Karst regions –Key case study of the Burren will be explored and will link with weathering, tourism and the physical world. 

Human Geography

Population distribution, density and factors of change. – use the demographic transition model to explain populations’ characteristics and how populations change. Examine population change in Ireland and in a developing country. Investigate the causes and consequences of migration.

Map Work

OS Maps and Arial Photo’s – reading maps & photos, giving grid references and locations, drawing sketches of maps & photos as well as reading settlement patterns and identifying physical features.

Leaving Cert Christmas Revision Topics

Personal Essays: Thinking, Planning & Writing Well

Othello’- the many faces of Iago – evil genius.

Comparative: Mode of Comparison – Literary Genre

The Poetry of Brendan Kennelly


Coordinate geometry of the Line

Coordinate geometry of the Circle 

Algebra is the key core topic for the whole course. It is vital. We will get through the most important parts of algebra to a leaving cert exam paper standard.

Trigonometry. The biggest area here is solving triangles. We will do some really nice hard old leaving cert questions. We will also put a lot of effort into solving equations. In 4 days we will get all the important parts covered to a very high standard.

Physical Geography

Tectonic Activity – Plate boundaries, types and how they move, volcanic activity, volcanic

features & volcanic impacts. Earthquake impacts & predictions. 

Rocks – Rock groups & type’s formation and how humans interact with the rock cycle. 

Folding & Faulting – processes and features created. 

Weathering & a karst region – The process of weathering & its impacts on a karst region

both above and below the surface. 

Regional Geography

Types of regions – What are regions and the different types of regions such as economic,

physical or human. 

Paris Basin – European core region will be looked at under the headings of physical, 

primary, secondary, tertiary & human factors. 

Geoecology – Soils; Soil forming processes, characteristics, soil types and factors that 

impact soil development. 


Cellular Respiration


Viruses & Human Defence System

Oral Work– Common Errors in Oral Work / Pitfalls in Pronunciation

Exam Paper– Approaching the Reading Comprehension (Key Questions / How questions are formed / Language used / Manipulating the Question)

Exam Paper– Le Journal Intime (Diary) (Format / Key Phrases / 3 Key Tenses Revision)

Oral Work– Topic 1 for LC 2022- Ma Vie Quotidienne (including Revision of Reflexive Verbs)

Exam Paper– Le Rédaction (Opinion Piece) (Past Topics / Key Phrases / Vocabulary)

Oral Work- Topic 2 for LC 2022- Ma Ville et Mon Quartier 

Exam Paper– Improving Aural Skills (Hints & Tips)

Oral Work– Topic 3 for LC 2022- L’Avenir (including Revision of the Futur Simple & Conditionnel)

  • Lipids 
  • Food Commodity: Fats & Oils  
  • Obesity 
  • Coronary Heart Disease  
  • Vitamin D 
  • Food Commodity: Meat  
  • Vitamin B(Thiamine) 
  • Vitamin B2(Riboflavin) 
  • Vitamin B3(Niacin) 
  • Aesthetic awareness of Food  
  • Sensory Analysis 
  • Functional Foods  
  • Genetically Modified Foods 
  • Food Additives  
  • Role of Functional Foods & Functional Foods  
  • Housing Choices, Housing Finance & Social Housing  
  • Consumer Studies: Shopping  
  • Bacteria & Food Contaminants 

Chemical equilibrium

Volumetric Analysis                    

Oxidation & Reduction                    

Mole concept & Stiochemistry

Organic 1 Definitions

Exam technique

Mechanics Section A Question 1 

Mechanics Section B 

Waves Section A  

Waves Section B 

Heat Section A

Heat Section B



Exam Technique