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Christmas revision course FAQ

Where is the course in Kilkenny?

It is in the Ormonde Hotel Kilkenny.

How many subjects are there?

For Junior Cert we have five subjects and for Leaving Cert we have 12 subjects. All subjects are outlined on our website www.revise.ie . You have to do a minimum of 2 subjects.

How does the Christmas revision course work?

You decide what subjects you would like to do. You do the same subject, at the same time, for four days. The subject timetables are outlined on our website www.revise.ie . If you have a break between subjects we have supervised study running all day, so you can join this as you want.

Who can attend?

We have subjects for 3rd year students and for 6th year students.

How long are the classes?

Each class is 70 minutes long. This is so we can cover as much work as possible over the four days

How long are the breaks?

There is a break at the end of every class and study session for 15 minutes. There is an hour for lunch from 1pm-2pm.

Is there a role taken in the classes?

A role is taken for every class and a text is sent to parents if a student is absent.

Can I enter classes or study late?

We ask that students enter and leave only at the breaks so as to not disrupt either classes or study.


Can I use my phone in study?

Yes but we have very clear rules.

  • If you are using your phone for school work it MUST be flat on the table.
  • If not using your phone, put it into your pocket.
  • If we are in any doubt we will take the phone for the session – NO ARGUMENTS.

Can I use a computer or ipad?

Yes, for school work.

Is there wifi free?

Yes. Just log into Ormonde guest wifi.