Our Teachers

Richard Windle

3rd Science, 5th 6th Physics, 5th 6th Chemistry

My name is Richie Windle and I am a Physics, Chemistry and Junior certificate science teacher in St. Kieran’s College Kilkenny for the past 17 years. 

I qualified from the University of Limerick with a first-class honours degree in BscEd and took up a teaching job in St. Kieran’s. 

I also have worked for over a decade with the great team at revise.ie teaching physic chemistry and junior certificate science. 

I have also corrected exams for the department of education and for Examcraft.

With all of this experience, I have developed a key knowledge of each course which is exam specific.

The following is what I offer my students:

  • Comprehensive notes for each subject which are specifically designed for the end of year exams.
  • unique teaching style which is student-focused and easy to understand and follow.
  • The “do’s and dont’s” when it comes to answering exam questions and the correct examination technique.
  • Knowledge of how to break down exam questions and know exactly what the correctors/marking schemes are looking for. 
  • An exam guide which gives you the only options that each question can have in each course. 
  • A guarantee improvement in your grades.


A final word:

In my experience, once students are equipped with the correct exam techniques, knowledge of the possible options for each question and a comprehensive set of notes, grades dramatically increase.