Richard Ruth

6th Technology

Hi, my name is Richie Ruth. I have been a technology teacher for the past fourteen years and have taught technology to leaving certificate level since its introduction in 2009. I have also been an examiner in Junior Certificate Technology for the past 5 years in both the written and practical elements.

The leaving certificate course is broken into two elements.

  • The written exam (50%)
  • The project (50%) – Artefact 25%, Brief 25%

It is my aim using ‘Ekker’ to offer students tips and guidelines on how to approach both elements of the leaving cert course. As many of us have missed out on preparing fully for the project which is generally given at the end of September, I hope to offer support, guidelines, and direction in the design element as well as the brief. The first period will be mainly based around the practical element. I will endeavour to cover the written element once we are up and running with the project. I am certain that the combination of project design, use of materials and practices, and a detailed breakdown of each of the written components will lead to improved academic performance and success in your technology exam.

Here is a flavour of what I will cover over the coming months:

The Project.

  • Project Design – A good design is vital in for the overall outcome of your project.
  • Use of materials A variety of materials in different situations shows your understanding of the properties of the material.
  • Assembly techniques – Understanding the most suitable joining method is key.
  • Embellishing your project – It is important to enhance the overall look of your project as much as possible to bring it to ‘shop shelf’ quality.
  • Breakdown of the brief – Key elements must be included in each chapter. I will go through each chapter in detail.

The Exam

  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Materials and Production
  • Communications and graphic media
  • Structures
  • Mechanisms
  • ICT
  • Energy, Electricity & Electronics
  • Manufacturing Systems (Option 1)
  • Materials technology (Option 2)