Niall Connolly

6th Accounting

My name is Niall Connolly. I have been teaching Accounting to Leaving Cert and Business Studies to Junior Cert in St Kieran’s College for more years than I care to remember.
One of the things that I have learned over these years is that those who have done well in L.C. Accounting tended to have a good grasp of the basics i.e. rules of Double Entry and the preparation of ledger accounts. For this reason, I would tend to start any of the courses I give with a reminder of the rules for debiting and crediting and how to make out ledger accounts to record accruals and
prepayments. These are skills that are needed if you want to be able to master some of the trickier adjustment s in many of the topics that are included in the course.

Experience also has taught me that the subject tends to reward those who put in the work. It’s a bit like the story about veteran golfer Lee Trevino who when someone suggested that he had been very lucky to win a particular tournament responded, ‘You know I find that the more I practise the luckier I get’. To this end you will be given regular questions after each topic we cover, your goal with each exercise given is to do your best to answer the question fully and if you do have difficulties identify your errors and try to learn from any mistakes made. Even if you only pick up on one or two errors each time you do a question it will be one or two fewer mistakes you will make the next time you go to do a similar one.

My main goal will be to try to assist you to get the best result you can in the subject and my main hope is that you will feel comfortable enough to ask a question whenever you have any difficulties with any of the topics or concepts that are covered during the year.