Micheal Ruane

6th Economics and Irish mature students

I have been teaching Economics and Irish to Leaving Certificate Higher Level students for over 20 years.

Economics: I am the author of the revision book, Rapid Revision Economics (Folens) and all students in the online economics classes will get a complimentary pdf of this book.

For over ten years I have also been delivering revision seminars to LC students in both higher level Irish and higher-level Economics in Cork, Dublin and more recently, in Kilkenny.

I also produce an annual every year called “Economics Now”. It provides LC Economics students with up to date data on the Irish economy – data which is not always available in textbooks. This annual is hugely popular among both teachers and students. The material in this annual will be provided on a topic by topic basis throughout the course.

If you decide to take the online classes in economics, the emphasis will be on understanding the economic theory in an enjoyable and entertaining way, and in the application of the theory to the real world.

Irish for mature students: I am aware of the time constraints faced by mature students who are taking HL LC Irish with the hope of accessing a place on a primary teaching course.

Learners who take this course will generally have forgotten some (or all!) of the Irish they learned in school and may have been out of touch with the language for some time. Knowledge of grammar may also be limited and spoken Irish may be a struggle.

While the lessons will be exam focused, I will slowly build up your confidence in the four skills of reading, writing, listening and, in particular speaking (worth 40%) through enjoyable activities and by using online resources.

The LC Irish course can seem overwhelming at first. However, I have developed lots of strategies over the years to reduce the amount of rote learning and to build on whatever level of Irish a learner may have.

The focus of these classes will be to guide learners towards achieving at least a H4 in the LC exam.