Martin O Neill

6th English lower, 3rd, 6th History

My name is Martin O’Neill. I teach History and English in St Kieran’s College. In these subjects’ words and their interpretation are vital to our understanding of events and happenings. It is my job to explain and show pathways to analysing events, reactions, and relevance.  I also must guide students to write clearly, simply and to interact with the question. Which means answering the question asked and not throwing down a prepared learnt off essay.

Analysing the question asked is a skill in itself and according to the chief advising examiner the one that determines the difference at high grades.

In coming up with a project there is a simple clearly defined pathway, that is, the more obscure and minor the better. No 1916 or Michael Collins if you want high marks.

This is less a bio and more a guide to LC history in brief. For JC and the new course, it would appear to be all about documents, so practice, practice.

If reaction, relevance, analysis, interpretation, clarity and sources are words that you are not 100% sure of in every context, you need to do this course.