Maria Delahunty

3rd, 6th Irish

My name is Maria Delahunty. My main teaching subjects are Irish, English and Learning Support. My teaching experience extends to teaching CSPE, SPHE and Media Studies. In August 2013, I travelled to Shanghai, China on a two-week local teacher training course in Chinese Language and Culture.

This enabled me to introduce Chinese Studies as a Transition Year module. I also have a master’s in special educational Needs. My experience with the Irish language extends outside the four walls of a classroom. I worked in Coláiste na Rinne in Gaeltacht na Rinne for five years, gaining experience in an immersion educational capacity as both a cinnire samhraidh and a múinteoir. I have worked as an examiner for both Junior and Senior state exams (oral and written) and so, have in-depth knowledge of exam paper content and marking schemes.

My own educational experience has allowed me to develop a more meaningful perception of language learning, both from a teacher’s point of view and from the students’ point of view. My aim is to offer practical support and study skills to students through “Ekker”. While the workload of Irish is very time-consuming, my aim is to promote a variety of methods to help students efficiently navigate through the different facets of the Irish syllabi. I believe that a solid understanding of the basics helps to shape further understanding of Irish literature and composition. I recognise the importance of self-directed learning for students to develop autonomy and confidence in their ability. I aim to reveal patterns in language learning and make connections between the prescribed texts on the course which in turn, will inform key areas of study. Above all else, I aim to make sense of the Irish syllabi so that students can reach their full potential.