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Joe Kavanagh

5th and 6th Applied maths

Hi, my name is Joe Kavanagh and I am the applied maths tutor at reviseonline.ie. I have 26 years’ experience teaching applied maths chemistry and maths at all levels with a proven record of my students achieving top results. In addition, my students on two occasions 2019 and 2017 have won the prestigious All Ireland applied maths quiz run by the Irish applied maths teacher association. Separately my students have won awards for being top placed in the leaving cert in Ireland in maths and chemistry, respectively.

Applied maths is the application of maths to problems in physics but it is not necessary to study physics to study the course. Students will study 8 topics and in the leaving cert exam answer questions on six of these.

The leaving cert applied maths course is relatively short with no definitions and only 3 short theorems to be memorised. However, students, in order to be successful, will have to be willing to practice as many problems in each topic as possible as experience has shown the best way to achieve proficiency at solving problems is to solve problems.

Experience has shown that students who study engineering and physics at third level have found leaving cert applied maths a great help in their further studies as a similar subject is a core subject in most engineering and physics courses. Also mathematically able students who may struggle at languages sometimes choose applied maths in order to improve their overall leaving cert scores.

To conclude if you choose applied maths and are willing to put in the hard work to practice problems, I believe you will find it a most rewarding and enjoyable experience.