Jacqui Norton

6th French

My name is Jacqui Norton and I am an experienced teacher of French and Irish to Leaving Cert Higher level. My teaching is based on up to date teaching models and methodologies. I have experience in the correction of State Exams and have also worked for many years as an examiner of French and Irish Oral exams. My aim is to assist students to reach their full potential in the Leaving Cert exam.

I believe success in language learning requires commitment and dedication. Students must be willing to work regularly at learning new vocabulary, reading different types of texts and developing their listening skills. The incorporation of language learning into daily study routines is imperative to success in the exams. Over the course of the online lessons we will cover all four competencies (Aural, Oral, Writing and Reading) necessary for success in the Leaving Cert French exam. Students will be given advice on methods of developing their skills in all four areas. They will be given tips on how to write narratives, opinion pieces and diary entries. They will also be advised on how to develop listening skills through an active listening methodology and will have an opportunity to practice sample oral questions and answers. Active participation in the lessons will be encouraged and constructive feedback will be given to students on work submitted.

Topics we will cover throughout the year include:

  • Reading Comprehensions – exam techniques and content.
  • Aural Comprehension – exam techniques and content.
  • Oral exam preparation including sample answers.
  • Grammar
  • Le Journal Intime – the diary account question
  • Le Récit – the narrative question
  • Abstract topics and Essay plans, vocabulary, and sample answers.