Jack MC Grath

National school

Hi, my name is Jack McGrath and I’m a born and raised Kilkenny man. I’m a primary school teacher with 4 years teaching experience and when I’m not teaching, I’m training or coaching for my local GAA club here in the city.

I am incredibly lucky to be able to teach a range of subjects in primary school, but in particular, mathematics and Irish. I have had a real love of these subjects since I started school because of wonderful teachers. When I look back at my fondest memories of primary/secondary school, the memories that come to mind are of the teachers who loved what they were doing and made the classroom a stress-free environment.

I set up the ‘Maths & Irish Prep Course’ two years ago in my own school with the main idea to give students a head start when going into secondary school. I can thankfully say it has been a huge success with 60 students signed up each year. The course is suited for any student in 5th or 6th class. By focusing on the core topics in 1st year, it can provide a good foundation for students who might be struggling and further the learning of students who love mathematics and Irish.

Here is a brief sample of some of the topics I look forward to sharing with you.

  • Sets
  • Algebra
  • Data
  • Co-ordinate Geometry
  • Polygons
  • Probability

Words of wisdom to live by:

“To learn something new, you need to try new things and not be afraid to be wrong.” (Roy T. Bennett)