Fergal Brennan

6th music

I am Fergal Brennan, teacher of both Music and Religious Education in an all-boys school where I also act as Chaplain in the school.

I will be facilitating the Leaving Cert Music classes along with being part of the ‘Wellness and Performance team’ through ekKer over the coming months. The Chaplain provides pastoral support and counselling to all the school community. Its open-door policy allows each member of the school community to come and receive support in a confidential and safe way.

For me, student wellbeing is just as important as academic outcomes, and needs to be treated as such. In fact, with a decline in student wellbeing comes a corresponding drop in students’ results, thus how closely they are linked. In my daily routine, I am part of a ‘Pastoral care team’ which includes Career guidance counsellors, Deputy Principals & Principal(s). It is through working closely with this team that I realise how important the performance team at ‘ekKer’ will be for everyone. In fact, ekKer places you firmly at the centre of your learning, working smart to achieve your best possible performance. Over the coming months, I aim to:

  • Help you to track your progress, achieve excellence and most importantly; maximise your potential of schoolwork through several key areas including Mental wellness, staying active & nutrition.
  • Upload key information, vlogs and much more.
  • Look in detail at the Leaving Cert Music syllabus focusing on Set works, aural skills, Melody Writing, Backing Chords/Bass notes and much more.
  • Focus on identifying your individual strengths and using these attributes to enhance learning and performance.
  • Assist you in getting the best out of yourself and achieving maximum potential within everyone.
  • Target many more areas such as getting organised, sleep and ensuring that you have a productive balance between academic tracking and staying active.

I look forward to working with you all, if you have any questions/queries in relation to any of the above, please feel free to avail of the ‘Contact Us’ tab on our website; ekKer.ie ‘In life, there is no such thing as impossible; it’s always possible’