Evelyn Allan

6th German

My name is Evelyn Allan. I have taught German and French for the past 14 years to Higher Level Leaving Cert standard. I am passionate about languages. I did my undergraduate degree in UCC and followed it with a master’s in applied Languages in University of Ulster. I worked in the private sector for a few years before deciding to pursue a career in languages education here in Ireland. I have fully embraced and enjoyed my role as MFL teacher and have prepared teams for Debating Competitions as well as being a German Oral Examiner for most of these years for the State Exams Commission.

You chose German as a Leaving Cert subject, so you are already aware of the benefits and world of possibilities open to you from developing your linguistic skills.

I can assure you that you made the right choice, and all efforts you make to improve your standard of German will serve you extremely well for your future and your career.

The skills you develop during your German course on “Ekker” will reach even further than you might imagine:

  • structuring an argument effectively
  • being concise and relevant to the point
  • cognition and logic (thanks in particular to Grammatik!)

You will develop those skills as well as the more obvious ones of:

  • Speaking: you will be prepared for all sections of the Oral Exam including the Allgemeine Fragen, Bildergeschichte oder Projekt & Rollenspiele.
  • Listening: this section follows a clear format each year so we will focus on how to maximise marks and on vocabulary which arises with some regularity.
  • Writing: this is probably the most challenging section for most students, so my aim is to practice at least one form of Schriftliche Produktion each week. Key expressions and tips and tricks for success on how to impress in your written work will feature strongly.
  • Reading Comprehensions: regular practice and analysis of language in both the literary and journalistic texts will help you to bring up your marks in this section.
  • Applied Grammar/Angewandte Grammatik: an element of grammar will be taught in a clear way each week, linking it to past exam questions for practice.

My approach will be thematic, covering all the possible topics which come up in the written and oral sections. Within each “theme”, you will receive relevant vocabulary lists and we will link it to past exam questions.

You will of course be able to ask questions and provide feedback to ensure your academic needs are met. And remember the German saying: “Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst” –

“Starting is easy, persistence is an art”! The gradual and consistent improvements you will make through learning German on “Ekker” will motivate you and help you to reach your goals. Bis bald!