Our Teachers

Catherine Maher

6th Home Economics

My name is Catherine Maher.  I am a qualified Home Economics & Biology teacher.  I have taught Home Economics in many educational settings for the last 15 years.  I am currently teaching Home Economics in a mixed school in County Kilkenny. To better equip myself to teach and support my students, I began correcting Junior Cert Higher Level Home Economics written papers for the State Examinations Commission upon graduating and for the last 7 years have been correcting Higher Level Leaving Cert Home Economics along with correcting Home Economics practical coursework (journals) for 12 years.

I am passionate about Home Economics and wish to instil this passion in all the students, I encounter.  I am a person who must understand a topic in order to teach it, so my notes are very interactive, using simplified terminology & language and are very visual as I wish to include students with different learning styles in my classes.

To excel at Home Economics, I believe students must understand their own learning style, so to use their strengths when studying and choosing and doing past exam paper  questions; make links between topics in the Home Economics course so to have an effective study plan; develop your answering techniques for different styles of questions to help improve your overall performance & to ensure you use your time efficiently when completing exam paper questions to ensure you complete all exam requirements. I aim to support you with these through the coming year.

As a teacher, I really feel that students can be at times afraid to ask questions in front of their peers, but please remember questions, no matter how simple or complex, are vital to success in all aspects of life, especially Leaving Cert Home Economics so if joining with me, please ask the questions.