Ann Wemyss

Career guidance

My name is Anne Wemyss. I taught languages for several years before training to become a Guidance Counsellor. My role covers educational advice, career guidance as well as social and personal counselling. I believe that all of these areas are interlinked and need attention.

Anyone who is planning a future career needs to be equipped with knowledge of the pathways available to them. They also need to be able to put in the work that will improve their academic performance, thus making their chosen career path viable. Naturally, being in a good head space will facilitate good decision making and allow the student to focus on the steps necessary to achieve personal, educational and career goals.

My aim is to offer encouragement, practical information, and study advice to students through “Ekker”. I am part of a team which means that we can put in place a variety of strategies to promote a well-balanced lifestyle. We recognise the importance of physical, mental, and emotional health when it comes to dealing with the stresses and strains of life as a teenager. I am certain that the combination of motivation, good study practices and well-informed decision making will foster balance which in turn will lead to improved academic performance and success in exams.

Here is a flavour of what I will cover over the coming months:

  • Establishing routines – if you have a good routine in place, it saves time and energy.
  • Improving focus – identifying and managing distractions.
  • Time management – one of the key skills needed to study efficiently and to succeed in exams.
  • Getting motivated – it’s easy to work when you’re feeling enthusiastic but what about the days when you have no interest?
  • Coming up with a schedule – plan your study, but also plan your other commitments like sport or music, allow some down time.
  • Learning styles – discover how you learn best.
  • Subject choice – ramifications for college courses or specific careers.
  • Careers research – sources of information.
  • Self-awareness – the more you understand yourself, the better prepared you are to make life decisions. Interest inventories & personality questionnaires can offer insights,
  • CAO – understanding how the system works.
  • Pathways – exploring different career pathways.

A final word: Performance is dynamic. You have to be willing to do things differently if you want better outcomes. You don’t know if it will work unless you give it a try. What you do now dictates what your future will look like. Get started!